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Curious About Chakra Aura Clearing?

Chakra ImageOne of our intuitive healers, Rev. Debra Bunch writes below about how she sees and heals peoples’ chakras.  

Most people think we just have our physical body. What if I were to tell you that you also have a spiritual body? At first, you might be skeptical or even confused but I’ll do my best to explain how I see peoples’ pain, both spiritual and physical, through their individual chakras.  I’ve been doing intuitive healing for a long time, since 2007. What makes me different from some other people is that I can actually see your chakra, as can any person who has been educated on the details and intricacies of the spiritual body. It might surprise you to learn that your body has over 3000 chakra points!  They gather information about your personal experiences, working like a spiritual road map to your history. As you can imagine, sometimes there is an information overload as these chakras get full and stagnant with old injuries and information.  To put it another way, think of your chakras like the pores on your skin, they collect dirt and grime from the world around you. If you don’t shower and wash that grime away, you will keep getting dirtier. It’s the same with clearing chakras, it’s like a shower and scrub for your spiritual body!  Once you’ve had this done once, you’ll be amazed at how much more energy you will have.  So come see me soon and I’ll show you how much better you can feel with a cleared chakra and aura! 

~ Debra Bunch (425) 7376833

Green Cleaning

MelaleucaAs we’re learning how to live more “greener” lives, taking a look at how we clean tops the list of things we can do to minimize our exposure to harsh and dangerous chemicals. Below are two homemade cleaning solutions for every day surfaces that are easy to make and do the job well! 

Glass Cleaner

Steep 9 black tea bags in 1 3/4 cup of boiling water. When the solution has cooled completely, remove the tea bags and place the liquid into a spray bottle. Bonus points for using glass spray bottles, as they do not release harmful chemicals present in many types of plastic! Use the solution just as you would Windex or other glass cleaner. The tannins in black tea dissolve grease and dirt and will not stain surfaces. Enjoy the herbal scent!

Toilet Cleaner

To get a spic and span lavatory, combine 1 c. distilled vinegar and 1/2 tsp. of melaleuca (tee tree oil) in a spray bottle. Spray solution into the toilet, making sure to cover all surfaces and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then sprinkle baking soda into the toilet bowl and scrub with a brush. Flush and voilà! * You can find Melaleuca essential oil in our retail area and start your green cleaning today!

Intensive Personal Intuitive Mentorship – Starts January

Jessica Ryan

Jessica Ryan

Are you looking to delve into your personal growth and development?  I am delighted to be offering another year of mentoring! I have had the privilege to serve and walk beside my students this past year and have seen them grow in the most amazing ways. I wish the same for you. If there’s a call in you to dive deeper into your own intuitive abilities or to simply meet yourself and your personal growth in a more embodied way, then this is the right program for you.

Mentoring is a year long immersion into your sacred gift of intuition.

•Have you ever wondered what your daily life would be like having greater access to your intuition?
•Have you felt called to help others find greater clarity in their life?
•Do you have a sense that the relationship you have with yourself determines how life shows up for you?
•Are you ready to go deeper?
•Year-long mentoring begins January, 2018.

2018 Mentor Class Application are now being accepted. Due December 1, 2017.

If these questions stir you, My year-long mentorship offers the opportunity to uncover your own intuitive healing abilities. In this program students will hone their natural gifts and learn to express their own unique way of using those gifts. They will also gain practical experience and confidence in using and refining intuition and allowing it to benefit others.

This will be a year of personal growth, with opportunities to work with others in a hands-on capacity and to deepen your relationship with the intuitive world. You will see transformation all areas of your life in the most amazing and beautiful ways!

Who is this program for?
•Healers of all disciplines 
•Anyone interested in personal growth and development
•Anyone curious about Energy Medicine and it’s application in a personal or professional setting

(No prior experience needed)

One Saturday per month with a year commitment required
Tuition is $3,600 for the year or $300/ month

Please feel free to reach out with ANY questions regarding this program. I look forward to hearing from you…

So much love,

Jessica Ryan

Provider Perspective – Grounding

Grounding Tree ImageSometimes the simplest things bring us the greatest health benefits. When was the last time you really felt connected to the earth? Grounding is a technique that brings us back to the neutral balanced state of breathing and being present in our bodies.  Often being outside of one’s body, with today’s stresses and the chaos of everyday life, we survive in a scared state, operating in survival mode. This way of conducting yourself will effecting your whole body, often in negative ways.  Here is a wonderful yet simple grounding technique to try. All you need is a chair and your imagination and a few minutes of time.

 To get started, stand up straight and rub your hands together to create heat and energy. Then bend down and place them above your feet while visualizing the energy going down to the earth from your hands, through your feet.  Stand back up and sit in the chair with your feet flat on the ground and your back straight. This allows your energy to flow better. Visualize energy starting at the base of your back, traveling through your seat and chair and down to the core of the earth. You can visualize this energy as water, a beam of light, a tree with roots, or anything that appeals to you. Once you have this energy image in your mind, visualize opening the bottoms of your feet and sending that energy beam to the ground.  Then visualize that energy, renewed, coming back up through your feet, up your legs and hips like a current. Then stand up and let this energy settle for a moment.  After just a few minutes, you’ll feel more serene, calm and rooted to the earth.
To take your practice to the next level, you can teach your body to tell you what it needs.  You can do this by asking it to lean forward when the answer is yes, and backwards when the answer is no. 
 This advanced technique has numerous benefits.  Deciding whether you should eat that doughnut or have that glass of wine? Maybe you think you’re hungry but aren’t sure? You can actually ask your body whether it needs these things with the above learning forward/backward programming…
To learn more about these wonderful things, and details about grounding, please reach out to me and I’ll be happy to help!
~ Rev Debra Bunch
Wellbeing Center For Health
(360) 794-6620


Normalizing Grief – A Community Seminar

Grief Flyer PicJoin Lindsay Huettman at Wellbeing Center For Health for an in-depth look at how we as humans deal with grief. She’ll show you ways to help yourself or loved ones who are struggling with pain and loss in this evening seminar hosted at the clinic once a month. This is a free community education event so come with your questions! Our community room is a warm safe space filled with light and art from local artists on a rotating exhibit. Please join us for one seminar, or all of them, whatever suits your needs!

Click here for more information!

A Better Brain

Have you heard of a wonderful technique called BIT? Want to hear more and learn how it can help you achieve goals and improve your brain?? Join us for a free community education workshop hosted by Kim Kobayashi, Certified Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique Practitioner! Kim is currently taking new clients and we’re so lucky to have her at the clinic as a provider! 

WCfH Educational Class (2)

doTERRA Winter Classes at Wellbeing

Join us to learn more about essential oils! Click here for flyer and dates!

Striving to be pain free!

Pain Relief Image

Pain management is an ever-changing field with a variety of approaches, some with more research backing than others. There is also a harsh reality within the industry, a darker side, of opioid abuse and how pain management can go awry. Clinic Director Patty Glenn has written a piece on managing pain and our current culture’s approach to it, with some valuable insight into the validity of alternative treatments to address pain. For full article, click PG Pain Article!

Yoga Series Starts Sept 5th – Registration Now Open!


Join instructor Cecelia Ragsdale for a 90-minute relaxing and rejuvenating yoga session! 

Click Yoga-Flyer-Cecelia for more details!

Please contact Cecelia for further information or to sign up for a class! (425) 422-2644