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Karen Joy, CBS, LMP

biofeedback-newTime for a check up?
Safe, accurate, non invasive information on your current health status. It can be like an early warning system. Symptom free does not always mean disease free. 

Stress causes 80% of our diseases.
Biofeedback destresses and balances the body’s imbalances. 

Help your body heal itself.
Frequencies on the deep cellular, biological level will deliver what your body is asking for on the subconscious level. 

Karen Joy, CBS, LMP has her certification as a Certified Biofeedback Specialist, and lifestyle coach. She is offering her services for people to take charge of their health. 

Quantum Biofeedback is like a virus scan on a computer. It works with over 60,000 natural medicine remedies such as homeopathic formulas, vitamin and mineral nutrition; Bach flower remedies, flower essences, plus modalities like electro-acupuncture, chiropractic, neurolinguistic programming, and much more. 

It helps the body to heal itself while addressing, not just the physical, but emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being. Explore ways to improve your life style with diet, exercise, breathing exercises and much more. 

Biofeedback is a holistic approach to preventative health care.

The system is designed to discover imbalances and stressors such as: 

Viruses • Bones • Allergies • Toxins • Hormones • Diseases • Fungus • Brain waves
Nutritional deficiencies • Bacteria • Emotions

Disclaimer: Biofeedback does not replace professional medical help. We do not claim to diagnosis, treat, cure, prescribe, or counsel.

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