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Debra Bunch

Debra Bunch

intuitive-reading-516Would you like to take charge of your life? Are you running out of energy? Are you finding your life is unmanageable? Forget what you’re doing on a regular basis? This list might be longer… Below are some of the services Debbie offers to help you with getting the right spiritual tools to better your life!

Chakra ~ Aura Readings:  In this reading, you’ll sit in a chair in front of me and our guides and loved ones will be here also. I will be reading your 7 main chakras, which will open up and tell me your story. I am empathic and able to feel pain in my body which corresponds to the pain in yours. When this happens I am able to teach you how to remove the feelings that your body is holding ~ 60 min ($65) w/ CD & Picture

Aura  Clearing  Your Aura is like a sponge holding onto everything. Being able to see and feel the energy that is stagnant, and then to help remove it. After the clearing, you’ll feel lighter and more energized!  ~ 30 – 60 min starting @ $35 – 50

White Rose Meditation: Taking you through a guided meditation with a white rose, you’ll get to see what you are holding onto in your 7 chakras, healing the past with forgiveness. ~ 90 min ($70)  w/ CD

Rose Reading: Your flower will show more of your in detail and I’ll be reading 3 past lives. They’ll show me how they are helping you in this life, or not helping you. This is always fun and very enlightening, to help you learn about yourself. ~ 60 min ($65) + CD & picture 

Cards for Fun! You pick two decks and hold one in each of your hands. Then we wait and ask a question. I’ll lay out the cards and the rest will be enlightenment. You’re welcome to take a picture of the card spread so you’ll remember them! ~ 30 – 60 min ($45 – $60)

Phone Consultation ~ first 15 min free, anything after that $40

Spiritual Healing Session  – These are one-on-one and we can explore learning tools on grounding, protection, visualization and rose techniques. ~ 30 min ($40) ~ 60 min ($60)

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