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Debra Bunch

Debra Bunch

intuitive-reading-516Do you need to take a moment to assess your energy levels? Do you feel strong, happy, enjoying life, balanced? If not, come and visit Debra. She is a intuitive healer and a clairvoyant and can help you to get a jump on life.  

Aura & Chakra Readings ~ 60 min ($65) with CD and Picture  – In this reading, you’ll sit in a chair in front of me and your guides help me see the pain in each Chakra so that I can help remove it. Chakras contain energy that holds information in your body of past and present information.

Aura & Chakra Clearing ~ 30 min ($35) – Your Aura is like a sponge holding onto everything. The clearing removes stuck energy, helping you feel lighter. 

Couples’ Reading ~ 90-120 min ($150-175) – In the reading, you’ll learn the good and the bad in your interaction with each other and be able to reconnect to your happiness with each other.

Angel Card Reading ~ 60 min ($45) – In this reading, you’ll hold two decks of cards in your hands while thinking of questions you would like answered. The reading will be based on the cards you draw and will help shed light on your concerns.

White Rose Healing Meditation ~ 60 min ($50)    

Rose Reading ~ 60-90 min ($65) + CD & picture – This reading includes your past lives to present and is designed to help you understand why you do the things you do. You’ll also learn tools to own your own power.

Phone Consultation ~ first 15 min free, then up to 30 min ($35), with longer consultations varying in price according to time.    Long Distance Reading ~ 90 min ($80-$150) 

One-On-One Coaching ~ 30 min ($40) ~ 60 min ($60) – If you’re curious to learn more about personal spiritual work, I can help your journey. Meditation, grounding, protection, visualization and Rose techniques are all strategies we will use to prepare you for deeper energy work experienced in your Reiki session. I recommend having this session before a Reiki session to get the most out of your energy work.


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