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Synthesis Yoga

Yoga means Unity. It is a means for uniting the body, mind and spirit into one cohesive and fully realized being. This unity allows us to become the best version of ourselves. When our bodies are made strong and healthy, our minds cleared of incessant chatter, and our spirits open and receiving, we become relaxed, focused, and energetic.

How much better would we feel if our bodies were healthy, strong, and relaxed?

How much easier and more successful would our lives be if we lived in a state of calm focused energy?

This is the idea behind Synthesis Yoga; helping you become an even better version of yourself. You were created to be the perfect you – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – but unfortunately you were not given a manual on how to do that. And though your family did their best to help you reach that goal, they didn’t have a manual either.

So here we all are, doing our best to get along in this complicated and often convoluted thing we call life. Though no one knows everything and no one owns the truth, if we remain alert and open, people and situations will arise to help us on our journey.

That’s the goal of Synthesis Yoga: giving you a few tools, a few new ideas, and perhaps a new outlook to help you on your personal journey through life.

This is done by teaching you how to improve and maintain a strong, healthy and flexible body through Hatha Yoga and proper nutrition. Meditation techniques are used to help you improve and maintain a calmer, more focused and healthier outlook on life.

Why? Because we can not separate ourselves into parts, what goes on in the body affects the brain and what goes on in the brain affects the body. And what goes on in our subtle bodies and our spirits effects everything inside and outside of ourselves.

To sign up for a series or for more detailed information, please contact Cecelia Ragsdale (425) 422-2644

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