What is a Massage Like?

massage-roomReceiving a relaxation massage allows you to let the stresses, tensions, and cares of everyday life melt away while you relax in a comfortable, safe environment. The goal of a therapeutic massage is to stimulate healing and recovery from an injury or illness. A therapeutic massage may cause some discomfort in certain areas, but this discomfort usually subsides noticeably within the first few minutes.

Wellbeing Massage has multiple Licensed Massage Practitioners (LMPs). All of our LMPs have had extensive training and experience. Additionally, each of our LMPs has an area of expertise where he or she has specialized training and certification. When calling to schedule your appointment, please let the receptionist know if you would like your massage to include a specialty technique.

Before your massage begins, your LMP will spend a few minutes with you discussing your medical history and your goal for the session – do you simply want to achieve relaxation or do you have a specific pain, injury, or tight muscle that needs addressing?

Your LMP will then leave the room so you have privacy to remove as much of your clothing as you feel comfortable removing. Most people remove all of their clothes, some leave on their underwear, while others remain fully clothed. During your massage, you will be covered with a sheet and blanket. Your LMP will discreetly tuck the covers aside to allow access to a muscle group to massage. He or she will apply oil to your skin while using a variety of strokes and kneading techniques appropriate for the goals of your massage.

Your responsibility during the massage is to relax and breathe – allowing the session to nurture you. You may choose to close your eyes and completely relax, or, if you prefer, you may choose to talk. Never hesitate to ask questions or tell your LMP if you feel discomfort. Our goal is that you will experience a general sense of wellbeing throughout your massage session.