Massage Therapy 

Massage Therapy 

The Proper Rules and Etiquette for Getting a Massage

No matter whether you are going in for massage therapy for pain reduction, to help you sleep, or to otherwise just relax, there are etiquettes and roles to getting a massage that you should know before you go for your first massage session. Knowing this etiquette knowing these rules can make your session go much more smoothly because you will not be anxious about breaking something you don’t understand.

The first rule is, don’t wear granny panties. It’s actually socially acceptable to just not wear underwear if you’re going to get a massage. It’s going to depend on you and your comfort levels, but you are going to be covered in a drape barring the area that the massage therapist is working on. Furthermore, your massage therapist might actually offer you disposable underwear, and they will do this to avoid oil stains on your clothing.

Furthermore, if you do want to wear your underwear but you are getting something done in your lower back area or your gluteal area, thong underwear is going to be the most appropriate because regular underwear can get in the way. If you are worried about your bra, you might want to strip it off as well. The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable your massage therapist is going to be.

You should consider tipping your therapist, most massage therapy clinics such as the ones available at Lotus Wellness Clinic, do not include in the payment that you do for the massage. You can of course ask if the tip is included but it is rarely included, and really your therapist probably deserves a tip for getting all up in your business to make you feel better.

You should also consider if the massage therapist that you are looking at going to is the right one for you because again the more comfortable that you are the more this massage therapy is going to help you. If you are uncomfortable with your massage therapist you can request another, and you can look for another massage therapist at another massage therapy clinic.

You should not eat before you get on the table, because there’s going to be a lot of pressure on your body, and while massage therapy can certainly help you digest and promote digestion, it will make you pass gas. So it’s mindful to have a small snack prior to massage therapy but not an actual meal.

And you should remember that you can talk to your massage therapist. Whether your massage therapist is applying too little pressure or not enough, if they are hurting you or your massages and going the way you would hope, you should talk to your professional massage therapist that is dealing with your body because everyone is different and everyone has different needs.

You might want to try taking a shower before you arrive at your massage therapy clinic because they are going to be touching your body and you are safer the cleaner you are.